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Post  Fighter on Fri Apr 17, 2009 8:14 am

1. Little Fighter 2
Little fighter 2 is a fight game with skills and more. You can play Stage mode, Multiplayer, VS Mode, Championship and Batte Mode. It is many characters and skills. You can play with computers or other people. If you want to play with other people you need Hamachi. Little Fighter 2 has a lot of backgrounds you gonna like. People have also make other modifications. It is like Little Fighter 2 but other characters, backgrounds and skills. All LF2 modifications have cheats:

F6: Full MP
F7: Full HP and MP, but not for ever
F8: Items (Potions, weapons, stone and more)
F9: Items remove

2. Hamachi

Hamachi is like an online chat. You need Hamachi to play with your friend (LF2). You or your friend need to make a room. If you made the room so need your friend to join the room. Done? After that you or your friend need to click "Connect to Opponent" and you or your friend need to "Waiting for Opponent" You need to wait a moment. And Done! Now can you or your friend play togheter.

3. Control


Up - Down - Left - Right - Attack - Defence - Jump

It is easy!
You can change at "Control Settings" in the game.

4. Characters and skills

It's alot of characters and skills in LF2. Do you need more characters?
So download them! You can download other new characters and play with them.
You can download characters from other people. They have made them. You can also make your own characters and skills.
But it is hard. The skills are VERY cool. It is a lot of skills but you need to know them! I will write the skills soon..

More is comoing soon ..

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Post  Dandy on Fri Apr 17, 2009 12:43 pm

Very good Wink

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